Summer Season

During the summer months at Abetone you can find nature, excursions, sports and relax.
For trekking lovers there is a wide choice of well marked routes with different difficulties based on the level of preparation of each tourist. Through these paths it is possible to reach the various Apennine peaks and along the way we find some shelters that offer refreshment with numerous local food and wine specialties.

For bicycle lovers and in particular mountain biking, in addition to the possibility of following numerous marked routes (ranging from simple routes to very demanding tracks), we find the Abetone Gravity Park, a destination for who like downhill or enduro.
Tracks from 3 to 6 km lenght are difficult and reserved for expert bikers or those with good preparation as they are not suitable for everyone.
For those looking for a less exasperated cycle tourism, we recommend the traditional paths, also suitable for families, or road cycling that finds in the Apennines an interesting destination for training or simply to visit the mountains on two wheels.

For the fishing lovers there are many opportunities and places to practice it: we find some artificial lakes and in different stretches of the Lima river it is possible to fish directly in contact with nature.

Also for water lovers it is possible to go rafting, going down with rubber boats along the streams and rapids. The rafting at Rockonda is particularly appreciated by the participants, an adventure for the whole family with the passion transmitted by the experted guides.

Finally, for those looking for relaxation, rest and tranquility, Abetone is the ideal place to regenerate the body and mind. Immense meadows and expanses of beech and fir trees are ideal for long walks. This type of activity can also be carried out without specific athletic training and are therefore recommended for families, especially considering the frequent possibility of being able to collect mushrooms, blueberries, wild strawberries, raspberries.