Winter Season

Abetone is the main center of the ski district consisting of about 50 km of slopes, with 30 tracks served by 22 ski lifts managed by the Multipass consortium. The ski area is divided into three main areas; the first area, facing the Tuscan side of Abetone, consisting of the historic slopes of Abetone: two blue tracks suitable for beginners, (Selletta and Chierroni), two easy slopes that run through the woods, and the Riva, a red track suitable to everybody, that reaches up to about 1200 meters. In addition, there are some variants that connect the different tracks, such as the Foresto (red track) that connects the Selletta to the Riva. The area is served by a faired chairlift and two two-seater chairlifts.

The second area consists of the slopes on the Emilian side of Abetone: it includes the three most famous tracks of Abetone, the three Zeno, designed by the ski champion Zeno Colò (the slopes, one black and two red), the two Pulicchio's simple slopes and Stucchi a track of medium difficulty. The lifts are a four-seater chair lift, a ski lift and an eight-seater gondola lift.

The third area includes the slopes of the Val di Luce; it consists of four main tracks (Passo d'Annibale, Alpe delle tre Potenze, Monte Gomito, Sprella) of easy or medium difficulty and is served by three four-seater chairlifts, a three-seater chairlift and two ski lifts.

Currently the Abetone ski area is considered the most important ski area in center Italy.